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Why use Avooli's Tongue Scraper?

Restore oral hygiene and discover a new freshness in your life.


Our tongue scraper has been crafted by durable stainless steel that is inherently antiseptic. This makes it immune to bacteria and corrosion. Furthermore, it is highly flexible for convenient usage.


Experience convenience and ease of use as you clean your tongue in just a few seconds. Bring the scraper to the back of your tongue and gently pull forward to clean the buildup.


Achieve a sustainable lifestyle with our nature-friendly product. All of our products ensure that you are not contributing towards waste.


Quality is never a compromising factor in Avooli's product development. When you are trusting us, we never fail to comply.

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper
Why use Avooli Tongue Scraper
Avooli's Revolutionary Tongue Scraper

We have worked relentlessly to develop and introduce one of the most ergonomic and efficient tongue scrapers available in the market. Our principles of research-oriented development and harnessing modern ideas, truly reflect this product. We aim to target a broad audience and ensure that our product provides:

  • Instant fresh breath.
  • Removal of toxins.
  • A better sense of taste.
  • Removal of unnecessary build-up.
  • Restore the natural color of the tongue.
what the customer say's about us

What Our Customers Say About Us

Having some doubts? Read what our customers say about us

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Janice Tillmans

Rochester, NY
I have had numerous problems with my bad breath due to the fact that I am an avid wine drinker. However, since I have started using Avooli's Tongue Scraper, I am seeing significant improvement in my bad breath. Ever since the first scraping, the bad breath is completely gone. I am so happy with my purchase and absolutely recommend it to everyone
Avooli Smile

Clair Molyneux

Rochester, NY
It is a new experience, to say the least. I haven't had bad breath issues since I started using the Avooli Tongue Scraper. I recommend it to everyone.
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Comes in a Pack of Two

100% Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

3 0 Years
Usage Time

Prolong usage time for longevity and sustainability

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Use two times a day

Once in the morning and once at night

Get started with the utmost convenience

Good things come in pairs — and so does Avooli's Tongue Scrapers.

Yes, you read that right. Avooli's Tongue Scrapers come in a pack of two pieces. Your tongue is a haven for bacteria and pathogens to breed and develop. If you are neglectful about your tongue, this bacteria can eventually evolve into more complicated conditions.

How To Use Our Premium Scraper