8 Tips for Killer Oral Hygiene

8 Tips for Killer Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a continuous process. It cannot be done in a day and ignored later. Furthermore, the diseases associated with poor oral hygiene make it a vital habit of our daily life.

Avooli develops oral hygiene products to tackle the challenge of maintaining oral hygiene with ease of use. Even when you feel like your teeth are in their best quality, there can be diseases breeding in the backend.

Here are ten tips for killer oral hygiene that will help you sustain your smile better than ever.

Drink Water

While it may not be intuitive at first, water is the best beverage you can have. We also ignore the fact that one of the many vital parts of our mouth is the saliva that helps digest everything. If it weren’t for saliva, we wouldn’t even be able to digest things. When it comes to eating acidic and sticky food, drinking water extensively can help with the problem as well. Avooli recommends that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day to ensure proper hydration.

Brush Every Night

For as long as we have been here, dentists have recommended us to brush two times a day. Yet, many people ignore this by skipping it at night. Most studies have found out that people outright ignore the fact that they need to brush at night. This neglect can lead to the rapid development of cavities and halitosis. Furthermore, the food stuck in our teeth can develop many other harmful organisms that can lead to troublesome diseases. The plague that we accumulate from the morning to night is another added problem. So it is in the best interest to brush every night. Not only will it leave you with fresh breath in the morning but will also save you from painful cavities and oral hygiene issues.

Don’t Rush While Brushing

Dentists often use the phrase similar to “Brush for two minutes!”. However, we have often observed that in this rush, most people tend to brush improperly. They skip the nooks and crannies that may be harboring plague and potential pieces of food that can cause cavities. Whether it takes you 2 minutes or 4, brush properly and effectively.

Fluoride All The Way!

Fluoride is a miraculous compound for your oral hygiene needs. Most toothpaste brands in the market are infused with fluoride. Not only fluoride helps proactively whiten your teeth but also helps in ensuring their structural integrity and stability. Most dentists recommend treating your teeth with a fluoride-based toothpaste. While many other dentists are debating its role, fluoride is an essential part of oral hygiene today.

Flossing Is Not Optional

Flossing is a mandatory part of your oral regimen. Yet, it is uncommon, to say the least. If you ignore flossing, experts argue that you are not cleaning more than 35% of your teeth! That is a huge number if you are serious about maintaining your oral hygiene. Floss regularly along with brushing.

Use Mouthwash

Another component of proper oral hygiene is a good mouthwash. Mouthwashes are not something new. Various mouthwashes are already available in the market. Furthermore, many of these mouthwashes can be made at home at well.

Recipes like these are extremely effective, cheap, and can help you protect your oral health at a minimal cost. Moreover, it can help you live a sustainable life by protecting the planet!

Limit Sugary Beverages

Sugary beverages are undoubtedly the worst enemy of the human body. Not only do they cause problems inside the body, but they also cause immense problems in the oral region. Most beverages that are available today contain more sugar than your weekly intake! If that does not surprise you, Americans drink 1 gallon of cola every day on average!

These beverages can significantly harm the structure of your teeth and make them prone to various periodontal diseases. Furthermore, acidic beverages such as tea and coffee can also tint your teeth into an off-white or brown color. Hence the saying, water is the best beverage for your body!

Tongue Is Also A Part Of Your Mouth

Most of us care for your oral health. However, we ignore the other 50% of our mouth. Yes, we are talking about the tongue. The tongue is the most vulnerable part of your mouth as it deals with the impacts of various beverages and foods before them even interacting with your teeth. It is a breeding ground for many bacteria that can develop oral diseases in your body down the line. Moreover, it provides just the right environment for their sustainability if not taken care of.

Conventional treatments such as mouthwash can only do so much. To get an effective hold of these issues, you need to use a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers have been in the market for quite some time. These little tools allow you to remove the toxins and build-up from your tongue.

All in all, these tips can exponentially elevate your oral hygiene regimen. Not only that, they can help you develop a much-needed confidence in your smile.

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